13th August 2024

International Left Handers Day

19th August 2024

World Photography Day

1st September 2024

World Letter Writing Day

23rd September 2024

International Day of Sign Languages

30th September 2024

International Podcast Day

1st October 2024

World Vegetarian Day

5th October 2024

World Teachers Day

11th October 2024

The International Day of the Girl Child

21st October 2024

World Friendship Day

1st November 2024


2nd November 2024

International Stress Awareness Week

19th November 2024

International Men's Day

3rd December 2024

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

5th December 2024

World Soil Day

6th December 2024

International Animal Rights Day

1st January 2025

New Year's Day

4th January 2025

World Braille Day

21st January 2025

National Hugging Day

8th February 2025

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

14th February 2025

International Book Giving Day

16th February 2025

World Religion Day

20th February 2025

Bread Week

22nd February 2025

World Thinking Day

8th March 2025

International Women's Day

11th March 2025

International School Meals Day

20th March 2025

International Day of Happiness

22nd April 2025

International Mother Earth Day

1st May 2025

Global Love Day

6th May 2025

International No Diet Day

20th May 2025

World Bee Day

1st June 2025

International Children's Day

18th June 2025

International Picnic Day

23rd June 2025

International Women in Engineering Day

27th June 2025

Micro-, Small and Medium Enterprises Day

6th July 2025

International Kissing Day

20th October 2021

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